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Undertaking A Warehouse Scan For A Leading FMCG Company

We undertook a Warehouse Scan for a leading FMCG company in the food sector, focusing on optimizing throughput and service levels. Through a meticulous assessment and tailored solutions, our team delivered a comprehensive report, outlining improvements in space utilization, system efficiency, and safety measures.

Our client, a multi-national active in the food sector, approached us to do a full scan of their operations within one of their distribution centers. As the site was struggling to achieve the required service level, they wanted our team to highlight where there was room for improvement.


  • Assessment of one of the warehouses facing throughput issues during peak moments.

  • Focus on service level but also on other factors like safety, traceability and general efficiencies.

  • Scanning the full operations, highlighting both quick wins and larger improvement projects.


  • Based on observations, interviews and data analysis, we created an overview of all existing flows.

  • A check-list approached is used to make sure all the parts of the operations are covered.

  • Our expert then focuses on designing efficient solutions, taking the latest technology into account.

  • A tailored report is created with a comprehensive list of possible improvements.


  • The client received a report centering around:

    • Space utilization: various easy-to-implement density improvements.

    • System enhancement to reduce empty moves and increased inventory accuracy.

    • Safety: redesign of main traffic flows to minimize crossing.

  • A blue-print of shopfloor routines and KPI’s was delivered to support execution going forward.

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