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Revamp of a Retailer's Supply Chain: Trusted partnership

When a renowned retailer approached us with a specific demand planning issue, our approach uncovered deeper challenges. Together, we embarked on a journey that transformed not just their demand planning but their entire supply chain strategy, ensuring seamless integration and efficiency.

Our client, a prominent retailer, faced recurring issues with timely product deliveries. Initial perceptions pointed towards inadequate forecasting as the culprit. However, upon partnering with Brixadvice and delving deeper, a series of fundamental supply chain inefficiencies came to light, resulting in a holistic overhaul of their planning processes.


  • Persistent delays in product deliveries impacting customer satisfaction.

  • Initial focus on demand planning revealed deeper, systemic supply chain inefficiencies.

  • Lack of cohesive supply chain planning processes.

  • Suboptimal allocation of products across manufacturing plants.


  • Developed a forecasting model tailored to their needs, ensuring accurate prediction of requirements.

  • Assess and redesign all supply chain planning processes.

  • Conducting an extensive study of the client's manufacturing footprint.

  • Ensuring all redesigned processes were integrated, enhancing the overall efficiency of the supply chain.


  • Significant reduction in product delivery delays, boosting customer satisfaction.

  • Every facet of the supply chain operated seamlessly and efficiently.

  • Products were produced at the most optimal locations, leading to cost savings and efficiency.

  • Operating with a cohesive supply chain strategy, ensuring smooth orchestration across the chain.

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