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Conducting A Large-Scale Warehouse Tender For A Major FMCG Company

BrixAdvice successfully navigated a large-scale warehouse tender for a major FMCG company in the brewing industry, optimizing operations with strategic consolidation and state-of-the-art WMS implementation.

Our client, a big FMCG company active in the brewing industry, approached Brixadvice for a large-scale tender. After evaluating their current footprint, project scope entailed to go to market to assess the competitiveness of the current LSP and select the partner that would be the best fit for the future.


  • Ask to go to market for >100.000m² of warehouse space, spread out over 2 geographical locations.

  • New agreements needed to have flexibility embedded to cope with future (uncertain) growth.

  • Need for modern system architecture (advanced WMS) with possibility to automate in the future.


  • Full mapping of all flows, costs and requirements.

  • Defining ‘the ideal partner' through a ‘what does good look like’-exercise.

  • Contacting a wide array of potential partners, active in the required regions.

  • Clear financial comparison and analysis enriched with scorecard.

  • Decision & implementation plan.


  • Change partnerships and consolidate 3 existing warehouses in 2 new greenfield locations.

  • Creating flexible commitments and possibility to extend.

  • Change of WMS system towards a state-of-the art solution.

  • Implementation through a 2-step move to ensure limited business impact.


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